Chance (chainmaile) wrote in cbs_big_brother,

Since I did this in a personal journal

Well, my impressions so far is Ericka has a nice rack, Dana has too much rage insider her wanting to get out, Jun is *definately* high maintence, like her shirt said, Allison is going to be a major drama queen until her ex is out of there (I really wonder about her relationship with her current boyfriend), and... Scott (I think, the guy with the shaved head) seems to be a major ass. Robert seems to be the kinda guy that before too long should be slapped. I think Jack should get far... he'll fly under the radar and not be involved in much drama. I don't think Michelle is as innocent as her ex is giving her credit for, but she also didn't strike me as that intelligent, but that could just be a bad first impression.

In a way I feel sorry for the ex's. They immediately are painted in a bad light by the first 8 'alliance' since they are ex-s. In Scott's case I'd rather have his ex than him as a roommate.

Another reality TV show (and be honest, it's not reality TV, it's a game show with weird rules) that I'll watch, and my wife will laugh at me for watching.
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